Paul Mahoux was born in Paris, France in 1964.

He started guitar at the age of 15, inspired by
punk and new wave bands, then soon got
in discovering all kinds of music, especially jazz
from the 70's, ethnic music, 20th century
classical music, people gravitating around Brian
Eno, and got two big musical shocks with Steve
Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians", and Jon Hassell's
"Fourth World Vol.2".

From the mid 80's, after many years of enjoying
being an autodidact, he began to study guitar
with Denis Lamboley (G.I.T.), spent two years
studying the basics of harmony at the
American School Of Modern Music in Paris, and
then took private composition lessons with
Charles Raynal (Berklee,M.I.T.), covering all
aspects of music and sound,
from electronic concepts to orchestral
arrangement, including awareness of sound as
an environment and music for film.
for sound design and music illustration inquiries,
booking, remix, or any other communication,
please use the e-mail address below:

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1987 was a decisive year for Paul, when he got his first sampler, discovering all the hidden
treasures that hide into everyday life's sounds. In parallel to unsuccessful bands, he began his first jobs
as a composer for TV, video and radio.

The house-techno wave hit him in 1991, and three years later he released his first tracks on the
ephemerous Parisian label Omnisonus, followed by a few lives in Paris where he tried to blend techno
with guitar, which was not very common at this time
The best moments were playing guitar with DJs (Derrick May, Alton Miller, J.Pacman) and
percussionist Manu Lokole at parties.

He moved to New York in 1999 during which he took a break from composing for TV and video, and
played regular gigs with bands as a guitarist. He also used to attend many free and ambient
improvisation sessions and started to play solo gigs doing some live looping.

In 2002 he moved to Okinawa, Japan, where his wife is from. In parallel to teaching guitar and doing
sound design, he is active in the Okinawan scene as guitarist, DJ, sound designer, and occasionally
collaborates with local artists as a guitarist or remixer.
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