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Paris born Frenchman Paul Mahoux is equally torn
apart between his love of guitar and his love of
audio manipulation.
Coming from bands as varied as New Wave or
African Highlife/Afrobeat as a
guitarist/keyboardist, and endeing up studying
jazz at the Paris American School of Modern Music
in the mid eighties, he started to jump on the
digital audio wagon around 1986, when
synthesizers and samplers became affordable and
Atari computers were the widely used platform
for sequencing.
This gave him the opportunity to make music for
TV and national radio.
Stronlgy keeping big influences like Herbie Hancock, Jon Hassell or Steve Reich in mind,
discovered by chance the techno/house music scene in 1991, and released his first
EDM track in
1994 on the Parisian label Virtual/Omnisonus under the moniker Bùlù.
Instead of becoming DJ, Paul made a specialty of playing guitar with delay loops on top of
mixes or machine driven techno beats.
Most memorable people he played sessions with were Derrick May, Alton Miller, Jerome
Pacman, and percussionist Manu Lokole.
But the efficient simplicity of this music sometimes left him frustrated and he never
guitar and more elaborated harmonies.
Using delays instead of loopers, which were anyway not really existing yet, Paul got more
more interested in jazz or groove flavored ambient improvisation and live looping on
A collaboration with American singer Ekayani enabled him to live in New York for three
where he used to participate in many free improvisation sessions in
ambient/experimental circles
After meeting his Japanese wife there, Paul moved definitely to Okinawa in 2002, where
occasionally plays live, makes collaborations with local artists (remix, guitar), makes
tracks at a
relaxed pace, but his main job is teaching music.
He also enjoys studying as much as playing and has become a bit of a reclusive happy